Mural Pricing

Frequently Asked Questions:

q: how does the mural process work?
a: all murals are custom-painted according to your space. my process includes:
an initial meeting with you (and your kids, if age allows) to discuss your vision for the room. i am more than happy to help you brainstorm and to offer design ideas.
viewing the actual room so that i can judge layout, placement, scale, and price.
providing you a drawing of my mural plans and a full estimate of the project so that we can make sure we're on the same page before i start painting.
upon your approval of my design and work schedule, a 50% deposit will guarantee a start date. the remainder will be due upon completion of your mural.
painting! i will do all i can to work around your family's routine and schedule.

q: what do you charge?
a: it depends. in most cases i charge $10-15/sq.ft., depending on the complexity/size of the mural. this price covers the cost of my initial consultation, design scheme, mock-up sketch, materials, supplies, labor, and equipment. i will only be able to give you an exact cost after i complete a consultation with you in your space.
additional charges will be added for:
travel more than 30 miles from my home.
ceilings fall at the more complex end of the spectrum (and therefore are likely around $15-$20/sq.ft.), simply because they are harder to reach and , literally, a pain in the neck!
if an extension ladder or scaffolding is necessary, there is an additional charge for a rental fee, unless you supply it.

q: how long does it take to paint a mural?
a: that depends on the size of the job. some paintings take a few hours, some days, some take weeks. i will be able to give you a good time estimate once we determine the plans for your space. i will do all i can to work around your family's schedule.

q: is your paint safe for my children?
a: yes. i paint with acrylics, which have a minimal odor and dry in ten minutes. lead was eliminated from paint years ago and is therefore no longer a cause for concern.

q: what if my mural gets scratched or damaged?
a: i offer free touch up services for up to one year after completion of your mural

Q: What do you need to start?
A: All I ask is that the room is already painted and ready for the murals. In addition please move existing furniture away from the walls you wish painted. Thanks!

*When selecting the room's wall paint, please make sure you choose paint that is able to be marked or painted on. Scrubbable/ no-stain paint is very difficult to paint murals over. Avoid using paints such as Sherwin Williams' Everclean, Dutch Boy Kid's Room Paint, Benjamin Moore & Company's Regal AquaVelvet and Sears Best Easy Living Satin. Although these type paints are great for cleaning, they complicate mural painting.

Q: My walls are textured, does that matter?
A: Having walls that are textured DOES make the mural a bit more difficult, but it's definitely do-able!

Commissioned art should be an enjoyable collaboration between the artist and the client. I always suggest gathering at least a few ideas from any source available to you, such as magazines, books, the internet, etc.
Most importantly, it should include your choice of colors. This is the best way to get started.

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